Intensively flavored juicy steamed dumplings with chicken or vegetable fillings served with hand crafted mouth watering dipping sauce.


Choice of  noodles with assorted vegetables, derives its main flavor from the minced meat that's added into it along with ginger and garlic. Sauce it up to add heat.


Marinated  Chicken or vegetables cooked to perfection, served over basmati rice with saute mushroom, broccoli, bell pepper and a our signature momo sauce.


Our Story Begins In The Himalayas

Family-owned "Momo Truck" brings with it a history from the Himalayan foothills of Bhutan, India and Nepal --- where we had made and eaten Mo:Mo (called the "Dumplings" here) since we knew they existed. Now this history including the delicious taste in this unique food is no longer limited within our family. We are bringing it to your door in the Queens city and vicinity.

We make the most delicious intensely flavored dumplings with special hand crafted sauce over them. These are truly the only edible gems from the Himalayas. But that's not all. We've also got lo-mein for you to slurp up on, and our loaded rice bowls feature marinated chicken  well cooked and stir fried veggies infused with pico de gallo. Besides, quick bites like Fried Dumplings, Asian Tacos & Katti Rolls is sure to keep you rolling. 


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Give a  try to a unique blend of aroma, spices and food here in Charlotte. Consider spicy, savory & delicious food to be in your next new to-do list. "Momo Truck" won't disappoint you.


"We are bringing the taste of the Himalays into the American Streets"

Prepare your taste buds for the heat


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